Hi, we're The Matneys

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to travel full-time, make money online, and live in a van, you’ve come to the right place! We’re Aubry and Christian, aka The Matneys, and we hope our story encourages you to go after those crazy goals that seem unreachable.

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Want to know what living in a van is like?

In 2017, we quit our jobs, made a list of our dream North American destinations, and moved into a van. Are you curious about what converting a van and living in one is like? You might like these videos on our YouTube channel:

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Making money while traveling full-time

One of our most asked questions is how the heck we make money on the road. We’ve done it all too - working remotely for another company, freelancing, owning our own business, etc. Want to know how to do it?

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Want to travel, but not in a van?

While we mostly stick to driving around the United States in our tiny home on wheels, we also like to get out of the country once in a while! Check out our tips & tricks on how to travel easily and affordably: 

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Products We Use:



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We’ve worked with brands like Skillshare and Squarespace to bring value to our loyal followers. Our goal is to find products that will undoubtedly improve our followers’ lives - do you have a product we should talk about?

Email us at info@thematneys.co for our media kit!

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