My Money for My Life


Chances are, the thing that’s standing between you and your goal is your bank account. You can’t take a risk until you have a safety net!

In this course, we’re going to help you set solid financial goals, build a realistic plan for your money, and set up automated systems that will work without you!

What’s Inside


This course totally shifted the way I approach money. It wasn’t about changing the way I live so that I wasn’t spending any money at all, it was about realizing my financial priorities. By watching my budget in specific, targeted areas, I was allowing myself the ability to spend on things that actually mattered to me and enriched my life. I’ve already recommended this course to my friends who have similar goals as me, because it’s such a great shift in perspective that leads to real results.
— Sabina


a note to the dreamer

In the age of the internet, you have the ability like never before to create your own path. Choose anything. You can make it happen.

But we all know that’s easier said than done. 

Let’s say you want to travel full-time for a year. Or maybe you want to start a business, OR BOTH. Let me just be realistic with you for a second - you can do it but you’re going to need one very simple thing.


Years ago, we both knew we wanted to travel full-time. But for a while, it was just an out-of-reach goal that seemed like it would never be a reality. That was until we had some money in the bank.

Suddenly, things started clicking. We bought our van. We quit our jobs. And we started traveling! 

Building up our savings account took a lot of hard work, but with certain techniques and automated systems, we were able to save quicker than we expected, with no headache at all! In about 6 months of dedicated saving, we built up our savings account to over $10,000, enough to take the leap.


Want this?

Learn how to save quickly and efficiently for whatever your specific goal is!

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And don’t worry,

the way we talk about savings isn’t the boring old normal way of talking about it. No more of…

“Skip your $3 coffees.” (Ugh, typical)

“Pick up three jobs and forget about your social life for a while.” (Sounds miserable)

“Use cash.” (I’m sorry but how is this going to help???)

“Stay home.” (Booooooring)

“Cut out cable TV.” (NEWSFLASH we all watch YouTube now)

No, when you take our course, we’re going to help you set solid financial goals, build a realistic but ambitious plan for your money, and set up automated systems that will work without you. Saving for your goal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your quality of life. It’s simply going to take very specific techniques that we’ll show you in our course.

Don’t let money be the reason you don’t go after your goal. Take the first step and start saving!



What’s Inside


Chapter 1: Setting Your Financial Goal

Video 1: Welcome!  (1:25)

Video 2: Why Set a Goal?  (6:35)

Worksheet 1: Setting Your Financial Goal

Video 3: Next Steps for Achieving Your Goal  (1:22)


Chapter 2: Understanding where your money is now

smart phone.png

Video 1: Shifting the Way You Think About Money  (9:05)

Video 2: Tracking Monthly Bills  (2:17)

Worksheet 1: Understanding Your Current Bills

Video 3: Next Steps for Achieving Your Goal  (10:01)

Worksheet 2: Four Step System to Eliminating Bills

Video 4: Tracking Monthly Spending Habits  (0:51)

Worksheet 3: Understanding Your Current Spending


Chapter 3: building a plan for your money

Video 1: The Problem with Traditional Budgeting  (2:58)

Video 2: Facing Debt  (3:51)

Worksheet 1: Understanding Your Debt

Video 3: Making Decisions for Better Spending  (4:45)

Worksheet 2: Building Your Budget

Video 4: A Better System to Pay off Debt  (5:34)

Worksheet 3: Debt Payoff Gameplan

Video 5: How to Find More Money  (3:40)


Chapter 4: automating your finances


Video 1: Why Automation Works  (4:04)

Video 2: How to Automate Your Finances  (1:59)

Worksheet 1: Automating Your Finances

Video 3: Financial Freedom  (1:43)

Chapter 5: What’s Next?

Video 1: A Checklist for Life  (3:37)

Worksheet 1: A Checklist for Life

Video 2: Congratulations, You’re Done!  (1:41)



From Our Students

This is literally the best budget/savings/debt pay off plan we’ve ever tried! We’ve looked at the Dave Ramsey course, but that’s $100 for a plan that doesn’t give you much freedom. You course allows more freedom and quality of life. Two months ago, we spent $1500 just on eating out. Last month, we got to $400 on eating out, and this month we decided that we would each have $25 a week to do whatever we want. So if I want a coke, I can have one. If I want to save up for studio time, I can do that. He’s going to save for a camera. So we have small goals that we will spend our $25 weekly fun money on, but after we pay off our debts in 8 months, we will be saving $600 a month for an adoption! We didn’t even realize how much we were wasting until this course. Thank you so much for putting the time into making this content. I have several friends planning to buy it too!
— Eden
At 64 thought I knew everything about saving, especially working as a bookkeeper and managing other peoples money for over 30 years. The Matney’s methods are fresh, easy to understand, and doable. A lot of effort went into this course and it is well worth the money I paid for the course - I would buy it again in a heartbeat - highly recommend. I’m saving for my retirement and know I will have more in my bank account using these methods. I was a single mother raising 4 children and I only wish I had this course about 30 years ago!
— Sherry


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