Nice to meet you!

Hi, we’re Aubry and Christian, aka The Matneys, and we are best known for the fact that we live in a van and travel full-time. After living a sort of “yo-pro” life, both working full-time without much time to travel or enjoy the money we were making, we realized that something needed to change. So, we bought a Sprinter van, converted it into a home, and hit the road!

One of the questions we get asked most often is how we make money while on the road. We’ve done everything, from owning our own business to working full-time remotely to building and monetizing a social media brand. Because of that, finding freedom while also advancing your career is one of our favorite things to talk about! So, you’ll usually find us hustling like crazy from our “office” in our van or in a new local coffee shop we want to support!

We hope that by our story, you’ll be inspired to create the life you know is best for YOU. Whether that means starting your own business, hustling for a good education, traveling full-time, or literally ANYTHING else, get out there and make it happen!


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